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24th January 2020
Doors Open
What Can You Do with Serverless ...in 2020?
The purpose of this talk is to map features to real world use cases, so that everyone can get more value from this serverless thing!
Building Resilient Serverless Systems with "Non-Serverless" Components
Serverless functions have the ability to scale almost infinitely. While great for compute, it can be a MAJOR PROBLEM for other downstream resources. In this talk, we'll discuss strategies and patterns to create highly resilient serverless apps that mitigate pressure on "non-serverless" systems.
Serverless an Architects experience
The Serverless epoch has evolved a lot of the core fundamentals in how architects think about the delivery of software products and technical problem solving. This talks aims to be a retrospective from an architects perspective on embracing Serverless, the good, the bad and the insanely awesome!!
Serverless DevOps with Azure
In this demo packed session you will see how to capture and manage work in your backlog, build, test, deploy to Azure and then learn from your production environment - all without you managing and patching a single server or even a desktop development environment.
From 0 to Serverless in 10 Months. Story of a Successful eCommerce Migration
Connecting business with millions requires an innovative platform. This fueled the cloud migration of a legacy eCommerce application. This talk will walk you through the principles, the approach and the serverless technologies that made the vision a great success.
Leveling up with Serverless
Serverless is a relatively new & with that comes a new community & new opportunities. In this talk you will learn how one woman is taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by the Serverless Ecosystem and has aligned her personal goals with business goals.
Lightning Talk
Serverless at the edge: Global artifact distribution with Lambda@Edge
At Cloudsmith we distribute millions of software artifacts for users all over the world. This talk explores how we use Lambda@Edge to move our most critical code paths closer to where our customers are, helping provide global redundancy and lower latency at a fraction of the typical cost and effort.
Lightning Talk
56 lines of CFT to 2 lines of Serverless - a lesson from a noob on the frontlines
Are you still using raw Cloud Formation Templates? I was, for a whole week(!), and then I found out just how quick and easy it was to deploy to AWS using Serverless and will never look back to CFT if I can help it.
Lightning Talk
Top 8 mistakes developer teams make in their first serverless project
Your development team is about to embark on its first fully serverless project. You want to get productive quickly and extract the most benefit from the AWS serverless ecosystem you are moving into. Find out the common pitfalls to avoid and ensure you get off on the best possible footing.
Lightning Talk
The Serverless Rube Goldberg Machine
While waiting for AWS to implement their next project; one developer asks: "Just how elaborate can you make the serverless 'hello world'"...
Serverless Kubernetes
You want the simplicity and elasticity of a serverless platform, but you also want the flexibility and portability of containers. Find out how new Kubernetes extensions allow you to easily run serverless microservices written in any language on any cloud.
Designing a Serverless Application with Domain Driven Design
With Serverless/FaaS the unit of work is a fine-grained, ephemeral function triggered by a variety of events. How can we design a system composed of countless functions without loosing sight of each function's purpose or without accidentally introducing a big ball of mud due to highly coupled functions. One approach could be by introducing Domain Driven Design (DDD). DDD is a methodology to capture a business domain as closely as possible into software coming with strategic and tactical design patterns. DDD helps to decompose a system into modular components (Bounded Contexts) and mapping the integration patterns between them (Context Mapping). In this talk, I am going to highlight how Domain Driven Design and Serverless/FaaS can go together by splitting a system into Bounded Contexts and how these Bounded Contexts can be implemented by using Serverless technologies.
Beware the potholes on the road to serverless
Looking in from the outside, serverless seems so simple! And yet, many companies are struggling on their journey to serverless. In this talk, AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui highlights a number of mistakes companies are making when they adopt serverless so you can avoid them.
Closing Remarks
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