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Susanne Kaiser

Independent Tech Consultant


Susanne Kaiser is an independent Tech Consultant from Hamburg, Germany, and was previously working as a startup CTO transforming their SaaS solution from monolith to microservices.

She has a background in computer sciences and experience in software development & architecture for more than 15 years and regularly presents at international tech conferences.

Designing a Serverless Application with Domain Driven Design

With Serverless/FaaS the unit of work is a fine-grained, ephemeral function triggered by a variety of events. How can we design a system composed of countless functions without loosing sight of each function's purpose or without accidentally introducing a big ball of mud due to highly coupled functions. One approach could be by introducing Domain Driven Design (DDD). DDD is a methodology to capture a business domain as closely as possible into software coming with strategic and tactical design patterns. DDD helps to decompose a system into modular components (Bounded Contexts) and mapping the integration patterns between them (Context Mapping).

In this talk, I am going to highlight how Domain Driven Design and Serverless/FaaS can go together by splitting a system into Bounded Contexts and how these Bounded Contexts can be implemented by using Serverless technologies.

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