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Michael O'Reilly

Technical Architect


A passionate problem solver with a proven track record in delivery of large scale and complex software systems. Michael has a broad technical skillset that includes experience and expertise in scripted and object orientated languages, client/backend frameworks, DevOps, CI/CD platforms, instrumentation and analytics. More recently he has become a strong advocate of cloud native serverless technology driven development. He is Highly skilled in many software and product delivery methods such as Lean, Agile, Exploratory and Continuous Delivery. A strong advocate of product over project skilled in product management. Values humility, empathy, integrity and believes in the power of investing in people and the principles of XP (communication, feedback, simplicity, respect and courage).

Serverless an Architects experience

The Serverless epoch has evolved a lot of the core fundamentals in how architects think about the delivery of software products and technical problem solving. This talks aims to be a retrospective from an architects perspective on embracing Serverless, the good, the bad and the insanely awesome!!

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