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Glenn Horan

Software Engineer at Liberty IT


Glenn is a Software Engineer for Liberty IT, the technology arm of insurance heavyweight Liberty Mutual. Having started his professional career as a Molecular Biologist, he is relatively new to the world of Software Development, but always keen to learn. Within Liberty, Glenn is a member of a rating team who leverage Serverless framework to create the Amazon Web Services architecture necessary to calculate insurance rates for their customers. Having wrestled with Cloud Formation Templates for way too long, he is a Serverless framework evangelist seeking to convert anyone who'll listen away from the perilous world of CFT. Glenn is an experienced conference speaker, however this will be his first tech conference talk.

56 lines of CFT to 2 lines of Serverless - a lesson from a noob on the frontlines

Are you still using raw Cloud Formation Templates? I was, for a whole week(!), and then I found out just how quick and easy it was to deploy to AWS using Serverless and will never look back to CFT if I can help it.

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