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Farrah Campbell

Ecosystems Director at Stackery


Farrah is an AWS Serverless Hero and the Ecosystems Director at Stackery, a serverless workflow company, where she leads the company's engagement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), system integrators, technology partners, and the broader community. Farrah is passionate about her work with the Serverless, DevOps, and Women in Technology communities. She participates in global industry events, user events, conferences, and user groups. She's also involved in a documentary focused on how culture changes stories for women in the technology industry.

Farrah often speaks about her efforts within the Serverless and Women In Tech communities, and how these communities have shaped her life and career. She is the organizer of the Portland Serverless Days, the Portland Serverless Meetup, and speaks around the world about her serverless journey and the serverless mindset. She has also been featured as a Serverless Superhero by A Cloud Guru and has shared her story in Episode 1 of the documentary series Chasing Grace. Farrah lives in Portland, Oregon, has 2 sons, loves to read and to dance, and is happy to call herself a nerd.

Leveling up with Serverless

Serverless is a relatively new & with that comes a new community & new opportunities. In this talk you will learn how one woman is taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by the Serverless Ecosystem and has aligned her personal goals with business goals.

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